Kid Logic: Help Needed

poutAs a guy of forty something years old, I have still been unable to unlock the mystery of “woman logic”. I have given up.  But as a dad of 17 years, I thought I had the whole “kid logic” down till this afternoon. Maybe there comes a time when “kid logic” becomes obsolete and is replace by “woman logic”?

My teen daughter “needed” some clothes and there is a cool consignment-ish store called Plato’s Closet, that has all the hip and cool clothes that teens jus “have” to have.  They buy gently used clothing and resell it at ridiculously low prices. Hollister, Abercrombie, American Eagle, Aeropostal, all the cool brands.

So, I give her a budget of $60 and we make the trek to the stroe–about 45 minutes away, but worth the ride.  On the ride up, the mouth got out of control and she was talking trash to her little sister, then she just started talking trash period. I told her that one more word out of her and the budget drops to $40.

“Yeah, right.” she says. I told her I was serious and she says “Yeah, right.–in the tone only a teenage girl can utter. Well, fortunately for me, and unfortunately for her,  she was right near my shoulder in the car and I slapped her cheek and told her not to back talk me.

The corcodile tears began and the lip quivering. I asked if I made my point and she said I did.  Well we arrive and she decides that the best way to punish me is to refuse to go into the store.

Now here is where I am losing the logic.  She does not get what she wants and my wallet is $60 to the good, and somehow this is a punishment to me?  I even gave her a few chances while he sister and I were in the store to come in and buy, but she stuck to her guns determined to punish me.

Sometimes, I just don’t get it! Can anyone explain?

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