YTB Travel Warning

alertJust a brief heads up. With the economy in the tank, there are schemes that pop up all the time. One that has been around for a while is YTB Travel ( In a nutshell, it is a pyramid scheme where the money is made in recruiting others into the scheme.

Last week, they were essentially shut down by the Attorney General in California for being an “endless chain” scheme and for deceptive advertising and business practices. They were fined $1 million dollaras.  As soon as the settlement was released, Illinois also filed a suit against them.

Being in the travel industry for many years, I am strongly opposed to these types of schemes. They work for so few and end up being a rip off for so many.

I wrote a column for The Examiner about the troubles with YTB, and invite you to read it. Believe it or not, I was able to keep most (not all) of my opinions out of it and simply laid out the facts with the resources and links.

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