Bill Cosby Was Right

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Are Kids Really All That Dumb?

Sometimes I wonder. My daughter is brilliant. She never studies and never falls off the honor roll. She has a great group of friends. She does not do drugs or drink. She is witty, funny and generally fun to be around.

But sometimes I just have to wonder where her brain goes. Take last night. She asked me to drive her to a friend’s house so they could work on a “lab” for Applied Nutrition. Applied Nutrition is somewhat like the old Home-Ec on steroids. The “lab” was to make a meal (they chose tacos) and analyze all the nutritional information about it and determine how it could be made healthier or more unhealthy.

I picked her up about 11pm and headed home. While I did not expect it, she came back with the ground beef and the cheese I had sent with her. When we got home, I told her to “make sure she put it all away in the kitchen”.

This morning, there it is rotting and stinking on the counter!  As she might say, WTF?

When I asked, she informed me that i only told her to make sure it was put “in the kitchen”. Perhaps I did. Call it semantics. But really, can she be that dumb?

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