Love Stinks

Well, I may be a bit jaded and cynical myself, but when it hits my kids, I feel awful.

My son has his first “real” girlfriend and things are going well (apparently) and then out of the blue, two days after their second prom–the dreaded text message (yes, you read that right) “I think we should see other people.”

I felt horrible for him. She was a great girl and they were good together. As a parent, I thought he hit the jackpot–she was attractive, polite, not into drinking or drugs, social, and more.

So, now we are going through the whole post breakup routine–do I call her… what should I say… how should I do this…

It is an inevitable part of growing up, but still very sad to see nonetheless!

3 thoughts on “Love Stinks”

  1. I am praying that when this happens to my son he won’t be asking me for advice! Because there isn’t anything you can say – but he’s going to learn that. Good luck.

    1. Exactly. It happens unfortunately, but at that stage I am sure he thought it was the end all and be all of girlfriends! I guess I can be thankful that his girl interest surfaced late in high school so it was not quite the distraction I have heard about from others. And they went to two different schools, so again, a blessing that they could each focus on their studies in school rather than planning on where to meet for a kiss.

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