Can We Get Your Opinion?

Allow me to think and type for a moment…

This past year, we have done more and more individual trips than in years past. We understand that our group trips do not always coincide with your school, camps, work schedule, combative ex spouse, etc. So, we want to try and do something about it and want your opinion.

Last year we sent people to Africa, Costa Rica, Southern California, Mexico, Peru, Jamaica, Europe, Canada and Alaska on their own. Of course we provided the advice and guidance to locate a suitable destination and property for single parents–that’s what we do.

Every day, we are bombarded from our preferred suppliers with fantastic savings on cruises, individual trips, packaged trips and more.  We have not been passing these on to you in our monthly newsletters since they are time sensitive, but if there is an interest, a weekly newsletter would work.

We are competitive on price and can usually beat or at least match any other price out there–so I am not too worried about being underpriced.  In fact, I am considering developing a Travel Reward Club where if you book a trip with us outside of our organized groups, we will offer some sort of discount or gift card upon your return with a premium incentive if you choose to apply it to a future booking.  Does this hold any interest for everyone? You are not obligated, but if you find we are the best value for your travel dollar, you will be eligible for some sort of discount or gift card.

Would you be willing to consider us for your other leisure travels? Would you be interested in getting a weekly “Oh to dream….” listing of travel specials?  Let’s talk about this and see what we can develop!

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