Violence And Schools

Last week was a very strange one. My daughter is in 11th grade and witnessed a fight where a sophomore boy was beaten so severely in the school hallway that he needed to be flown from the school to a shock-trauma center in Baltimore. He was just released from the hospital and is home with multiple skull fractures, swelling of the brain and is blind (hopefully temporarily) in one eye. If you are interested in all the details, you can read about them at Eye On Annapolis.

Maybe I am out of touch, but my kids have never been involved in a true fight–squabbles, quarrels, and spats, for sure, but never a physical fight. Personally, I have never been involved in a fight.  But it seems that significant fights (albeit not quite as significant as this recent one) are more and more common.

Another local school allowed a “child” who had been arrested for assault and attempted rape back in school, where he assaulted and raped a 14 year old girl. Yet another local school also allowed a “kid” back in after being charged with assault twice only to have him charged a third time.

The question I have is where are the parents? I do not blame the schools (well I can blame them for how they handle the situation) but not for the moral compass of these kids.  When did it become right (or even not completely wrong to do these types of things? The kid at my daughter’s school has life changing injuries because his iPod was stolen and he made the mistake of asking for it back.

What about my single parent readers, are you finding this type of violence in your local schools more and more common? What is the situation outside of Maryland?  I am interested to know–please leave a comment!

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