When Humor Goes Bad

I am known for my less than politically correct (and often tweaked) sense of humor. This morning, a friend sent over this link asking me what I thought. I guess I am the humor guinea pig or litmus test.


While I can laugh at the most ribald joke (and feel free to tell me one or ask me to tell one) this, in my mind, really crossed a line. Yes, I know it was intended to be humor, but we all know what happens when humor goes awry–can anyone say Michael Richards, the ex-comedian formerly known as Kramer?

Here is an excerpt (you can read the whole thing here) and I would appreciate your thoughts in the comments!

The Anti-Mommy Baby Purse comes in an array of fashion colors, from solid lime with chocolate trim to leopard skin. Simply slip the baby inside, and zip it from either side so that the head is locked into the center of the purse. (Babies sold separately). If the baby has not been properly sedated prepared for the purse, simply pull the zippers a bit tighter and the fussing should cease.

The Baby Purse comes in two sizes:

Large – for every day people wishing to make a statement.

Small – for the truly rich and successful who can afford to swap in and out an endless supply of Preemies, which, of course, are more expensive — and really make clothing in purple hues pop.

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