Charlie Sheen: Single Dad

Wow, I am conflicted this morning.  Charlie Sheen does indeed have his problems–booze, drugs, hookers, and off the wall antics and behavior. He has had his issues with his ex wives, Denise Richards with whom he had two girls; and is now separated from his current wife, Brooke Mueller–mother of their 2-year old twin boys.

This may not be the most popular post I have ever written, but I have never heard any evidence that Charlie Sheen put any of his children in harm’s way. There are allegations of abuse against his wife and that is disgusting; but none against his children.  There are allegations (some may call it proof) of his drug, alcohol, stripper, and hooker addiction; but I have never heard that it impacted the relationship or the time he spent with any of his children in any way.

Last night, the police removed his twin boys from his home based on a restraining order obtained by his estranged wife. For a period, Sheen did not know where his sons were. Now, it appears that he has been reassured that they are safe and he is going through the legal channels to reclaim his parental rights.

Despite each of our own downfalls and faults, unless those faults impact the children, no one should be denied a relationship with their kids. The children are all too often used as pawns in this adult game of “Gotcha” and it needs to stop.

When I was first starting my divorce, my attorney suggested that I take the children on vacation prior to my ex wife being served papers. He said it would give a few days for cooler heads to prevail. There was no way in hell I was going to do that. If you want cooler heads to prevail, you don’t “kidnap” children and snatch them from a parent who is not causing any harm.

Ultimately, my ex got served and we sat down and made an agreement with each other that going forward, the children would jointly be our top priority. Whatever we did, we looked to the benefit of the children first.  And I am very proud to say that 11 years later, we both have held up that agreement!

As a father, Charlie Sheen deserves to have his sons back. Perhaps the answer is to have some sort of supervised custody–he certainly has the money to afford it. But I can assure you that his children are missing their dad right now, and that is just not right.

Of course, if the root of the issue turns out to be drugs or alcohol, a good drug rehab program will always helps drug addicts regardless of their social standing, sex, race, religious affiliations or age.

Here is , Charlie Sheen’s tweet that his sons were safe. I hope for the sake of these boys that things work out.

Charlie Sheen's tweet on his sons safety



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