Grrr. Teenage Girls!

To coin a popular teenage phrase, WTF?

Can someone please try and explain what the triggers are that will turn a teenage girl from a funny, engaging, friend, into an evil creature that could not have been born–but spawned?

This past weekend, was a perfectly good example. The local school district sponsored a Career Fair to get kids thinking about what type of career track they might want to pursue. We decided to check it out. We woke up on time, went out and had a yummy breakfast together. We were laughing and talking and having a good time.

We drove to the Career Fair and as soon as we hit the registration desk it began! The woman asked her to sign in and there was a glance of contempt. But she signed in. Then there was another woman who teasingly told her to “at least smile because she (the woman) had been there since 6am setting the thing up for you (my daughter).” Scowl. Sheesh.

So we head in and walk down one aisle looking at the various businesses that were there. We rounded the corner and there was a booth for the local school district human resources department. Since she had expressed an interest in teaching, I suggested we visit this booth and see what they had to say.  The conversation went somethign like this:

Me: Hey look, here is the school district’s booth, why don’t we stop here?
Her: Why? What good will that do?
Me: Well you said you were interested in teaching, and it is the school district?
Her: Yeah?
Me: Well, human resources is the department that does the hiring and firing and they can tell you what to expect and what you need to study to become a teacher.
Her: well that’s ridiculous, I am not waiting in line to talk to anyone.

OK at that point I lost it. I admit. I had just spent $30 on a great breakfast, driven about 30 miles to this Career Fair for her to check things out and now I get this “tude” out of nowhere.  I told her fine, we’re leaving and I boogied out really fast and got in the car an laid into her. I explained that I do an awful lot for her and it likely was coming to an end.

I told her that I would take her to school, pick her up from school, make sure she has a place to sleep and food in the fridge. Beyond that she needs to plan on her own–and she could start with her babysitting gig because I was not driving her there at 7pm and picking her up after midnight.  Needless to say the ride home was quiet–well for me, she had her iPod in and turned up.

She did make arrangements for her sitting job to have the parent pick her up and bring her home. But while she was sitting, she called her mom and together they made the decision that she was going to spend the week at her mother’s house.  OK, I yelled at her on Saturday morning, but by Sunday I was pretty much over it–still mad, but over it.

And now her mom just helps her get her way by avoiding any conflict.

On second thought, any clues into the mind of an ex to go along with the clues into the mind of a teen?


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