A Strong Message About Bullying

No doubt bullying is an issue today. Perhaps I led a sheltered childhood, but I don’t remember childhood bullies going to the extremes that the bullies of today do.  Maybe at worst, you were shoved around, pushed down and laughed at–and then it was usually over.

Today is a different world and what is sad is that the kids are screaming out for help internally, but having difficulty getting it externally. Alye Pollack is a Connecticut 8th grader and she silently tells her three year plight. Please take a few moments to watch this:

The most striking thing for me was that she claimed she was close to cutting. How do we (as parents and as a society) allow our kids to get to this point?  Most of the people who read this site and travel with Single Parent Travel have kids between 7 and 14. This is important. Please have these uncomfortable conversations with your kids!

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