Penn State, Children And Sex Abuse

I sit here stunned at the news coming from Penn State University over the past few days.  With each day the scandal grows and more people become involved. It seems that everyone (at least initially) is working to cover their collective butts. I have my own opinions on this and I will keep them to myself other than to say I am disgusted and appalled.

As parents, our primary responsibility is to protect our children–period. It could be from falling off their bicycles, from drugs and alcohol, or from sexual predators. For the most part, we do a good job. But how do we handle it when the predator is an admired and trusted person such as Jerry Sandusky?  According to the Grand Jury report, the man targeted children and was “fishing” in his own foundation for children to abuse.

Is the solution to raise our children in a bubble? I don’t think so. I think the solution is to have frank, honest talks with your kids from the start. It doesn’t matter if it is about sex, drugs, alcohol, or stranger danger–kids must learn what it right and what is wrong.  And the difference between the two is what I feel has brought this Penn State mess to a head.

The Graduate Assistant witnessed an horrific act and reported it to Joe Paterno. Both of these men should have known that this was wrong on many levels; but rather than take some responsibility, they merely reported the “incident” to their superior.  Mind you, this is not a case of Sandusky wining and dining a mistress with a Penn State Cadillac. This is criminal behavior and I feel Paterno and the GA took the easiest route and passed the buck assuming someone else would handle it.

Last week, we posted a video to our facebook page that showed a simulated kidnapping and how many people refused to get involved.  It is time for that attitude to come to an end. Parents, adults, kids–if you see something that is not right–say something. Raise the flag.

Because many adults did not raise the flag many years ago, there are a reported 20+ children whose lives have been ruined. This must stop!

If your stomach can take it, I encourage you to read the Grand Jury report–it is hyperlinked above.

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