Beer Pong For Teens?

Well, OK so it is not really “beer’ pong, but my 14 year old was at a friend’s house over the long weekend and she was telling me how she and her friend soundly kicked the collective butts of two other friends in “soda pong.”

OK, it is not beer and at 14 that is a good thing. But I did a double take as it seems like it is a bit of pre-gaming for the real thing.  I am not naive enough to think that they will not drink underage; but do we need to even remotely encourage it? What’s next?

I am a bit conflicted. Should I have a discussion with the other parent? Dis-encourage my daughter from future overnights?  Am I out of line? Do any of your kids play soda-pong?


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7 Responses to “Beer Pong For Teens?”