An Empty Nest–Sort Of

This year is a big one for me!  I recently celebrated my 2nd 25th birthday and I feel fantastic. While the economy has everyone concerned, I am thankful that I can still put food on the table and a roof over the heads of my kids!  But not for long.

You see, my son is 20 and has a VERY serious girlfriend so I have an inkling that he may be flying the coop pretty soon. He is in his second year of college at a local school. So, he is living at home (rent free) and holding down a pretty decent paying internship at the US Naval Academy. But come October, and his 21st, I have a feeling he may decide to make a move. And that will probably be a good thing for him.

My middle daughter is 17 and if the financial aid gods are smiling upon us, will be attending a college in Florida in August. And she is thrilled to be away from the “harsh” winters here in Maryland. I am not sure I buy it though–I think that since she is the pig-headed middle child, she is just ready to be free from the oversight of mom and dad! And that is a good thing for her.

That leaves my youngest! She is 14 an a freshman in high school and is fast moving to that point in her life where moms and dads are virtually verboten. She still likes me and can hang out with me and that it cool. Her friends think I am funny and that kills her! But as she continues to mature, I see her moving more and more on her own. And that is a good thing for her.

But what about me? This is all new territory for me. These guys have been by my side for the past 14 to 20 years and I am wondering what’s next.  I can’t be any more proud of all of them. While their mother and I threw them a curveball in our divorce, we have all worked together and it seems to have worked. I am thankful that for the most part, their mother and I could work together to truly co-parent our kids.

I am friends with our local sheriff and the other night we were talking. I mentioned that with two drivers (17 and 20) I had never had an accident, had a call from the school for discipline, or a late night call from the police. Well, OK there was that call from my son and the mall security guard, but we worked through that. And Ron (the Sheriff) called it a win!  I tend to agree.

So, as 2012 progresses, expect to see a few more blog posts about my thoughts about letting go and moving into the next phase of my and my childrens’ lives.

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